Benefits of Solar System at Home: Advantages and Disadvantages

Tim Hamlin
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Economize on Electricity Bills

A solar power system at home can supplement your electricity supply and cut down your monthly electricity bills.

A perfect model of a solar power system includes the following: solar photovoltaic panels (that change sunlight into electricity), a solar controller, an inverter (converter that changes direct current into alternating current), battery bank and load center (a panel to control and monitor your electrical load). Photovoltaic panels need direct sunlight to produce electricity. While they can work efficiently in countries with a lot of sunlight, they may not perform well in areas with dark and overcast skies. Our solar panels are of high quality and 25 years in service, with a payback period of 25 years.

Deutsche Bank Energy Efficiency Series found that the rate of return for a typical solar panel would be about 19%.

No More Annoying Power Outages

Solar power systems can help you stay up and running during an outage. The solar panel can be connected to a battery, which then charges up during the day. With the battery charge, your home will have power when it is needed.

Moreover, you won't have to worry about a storm or outages causing problems to your equipment. Most solar systems are designed to shut down during power outages. The system won't start up until the problem is