The Best Solar Step Lights in 2022

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You aren’t just going to pick up the first step light you see are you? When you do it’s such a small investment that you’ll want to make the right choice to avoid having a useless product that’ll be gathering dust in your garage.

What makes the best solar step light?

What should you be looking for?

How do you pick the best solar step light for you?

Solar Step LightsBest OverallSolar Step Lights
Davinci Solar Outdoor LightsBudget PickDavinci Solar Outdoor Lights
Solar Deck Lights Outdoor JSOTUpgrade PickSolar Deck Lights Outdoor JSOT

1. Solar Step Lights

Our rating: 9 / 10

Solar Step Lights

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  • Sleek design
  • Plenty of light
  • Very affordable
  • Durable and water resistant


  • Low capacity battery
  • Paints seems a little thin
  • Limited life of light

The JackyLED solar step lights are one of the most affordable solar step lights on the market. This package contains 8 lights that not only look great on your steps but help you keep a safe path when walking down at night. They are self-charging with a built-in solar panel that is located right in the corner of each light. These panels completely cover the top of the JackyLED solar powered lights. The standing pads and plastic fixtures will keep the lights in place as well.

These solar step lights are made from stainless steel. This will help them last longer and allow them to be used on steps that are exposed to outdoors elements such as rain and snow without the lights rusting or getting damaged beyond repair. There is a small charge indicator button that will show when the lights are charging and when they are fully charged.

2. Solar Lights

Our rating: 8 / 10

Solar Lights

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  • As these lights can be placed anywhere they are perfect for decks, pathways and stairs, fences or ponds
  • There is a variety of different colors to choose from making it easier for you to find the right light for your decor
  • They are relatively lightweight so they can be easily hung with one hand


  • The step lights have to be charged successfully before it can be turned on
  • It could be a hassle to turn it off at night before going to bed because you have to go in unplug it

If you are an avid gardener or someone that has a garden or a pool then these lights are perfect for you. They can also be placed on steps or decks without them getting too hot to touch.

When you are using these lights you will notice that they give off a nice, warm glow instead of the cold light that you get from many other solar lights.

The lights can easily be hung with one hand and they are lightweight so if you are planning on using more than one you can hang them as close together as possible to save time.

3. Davinci Solar Outdoor Lights

Our rating: 8 / 10

Davinci Solar Outdoor Lights

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  • Reasonably priced
  • No future battery costs
  • No remote control necessary
  • Bulbs are IP65 rated waterproof
  • Installation is a snap and no wires to run for the solar panels
  • Has a programmable setting to turn it on at dusk and shut off at dawn
  • Light is warm white, not a bright blue like some solar lights
  • Very elegant design


  • Batteries need to be charged in the sun
  • You can’t charge inside
  • Bulbs are directional so they need to be pointed correctly
  • Plastic, not glass on bulbs
  • Requires that you run wires between solar panels and light … the opposite of the usual solar lights.

The Davinci solar lights are an excellent option for the homeowners looking for added security for their home or garden.

I particularly like the wireless, waterproof feature that lets you put the lights anywhere in your yard that you desire.

The look of the lights is modern and sophisticated. They are easy to install as you don’t need to run wires between the solar panels and the light.

4. Solar Step Lights

Our rating: 8 / 10

Solar Step Lights

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  • With its incredibly easy setup procedure, this solar-powered stair light has 3 high-powered LED bulbs with a brushed stainless steel cover that give off plenty of bright light.
  • These lights feature an advanced, built-in solar charge system which uses solar power and converts it into electrical energy to keep these lights going even on overcast days.
  • The inspiration for this amazing product came during a trip to middle-east where my friend saw Hindu worshippers in front of a statue of God with the stairs to the temple illuminated with solar lights.

5. Solar Deck Lights Outdoor JSOT

Our rating: 8 / 10

Solar Deck Lights Outdoor JSOT

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I chose to review this product in the beginning because I have been in the market for a good solar step light for a while now, and I think this will be a quality product.

These lights from Solar Deck Lights are affordable, which is always a plus. They seem to be pretty well made, and they have a lot going for them. For starters, they are waterproof (which is a great feature for a product like this). Also, they have a motion sensor, which means that they only come on when it gets dark outside or when motion is detected (another really helpful feature).

Overall, it seems that the 12 lights in this package will be a great buy, though I have not had a chance to fully review them yet.

6. F-TECK Outdoor Stainless Steel LED Solar Step Light Wireless Super Bright Modern White Lamp Waterproof Lighting

Our rating: 7 / 10

F-TECK Outdoor Stainless Steel LED Solar Step Light Wireless Super Bright Modern White Lamp Waterproof Lighting

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  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Bright
  • Long-lasting
  • Auto-on/off
  • Wireless
  • Easy to install
  • Modern design
  • 8 extra screws

Q: Are LED solar lights strong enough to illuminate a staircase or a walkway?

A: Yes, the led lights have an output of 70 lumens and can illuminate your stairs/walkway well enough to identify the steps.

Q: Do they come with a sensor so that they turn on automatically at night and off in the daytime?

7. Solar Lights Outdoor

Our rating: 7 / 10

Solar Lights Outdoor

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  • Designed with a full IP65 waterproof casing for safe outdoor use
  • The instant the light is activated the sensor will automatically turn on in darkness
  • Double sided adhesive tape for easy installation
  • Can be installed underneath steps or stairs and above handrails

The light sensor works great for when its dark out, but when it gets dark during the day it turns on and stays on, even in the late afternoon. (optional to disable this by holding the power button for 5 seconds to turn off.)

8. GVSHINE Outdoor Stainless Steel LED Solar Step Light

Our rating: 7 / 10

GVSHINE Outdoor Stainless Steel LED Solar Step Light

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  • Auto on/off at dusk and dawn;
  • Uses commercial grade solar panels;
  • Requires no assembly;
  • Can charge itself in different sunlight conditions;
  • 3 modes: Steady on, Flashing, and Static;
  • 6-8 hours of charging can stay working until dawn;
  • Rated for IP 65. Waterproof rating

This solar light looks great on my patio, it gives off a strong light and the solar is really bright. Nice product with a good price. I considered the power source, which happens to be a solar surface charger. This means that you won’t have to worry about battery life or losing power due to a dead battery.

More importantly, the light can stay on for much more than the 8 hours of charging the manufacturer claims. My lights work in a condition when the sun goes down, and when the sun comes back up, falls when the night falls, and they work great.

This product is super easy to setup, all you need to do is to slide the bottom pole to the side and slide the top of the post into this sleeve. After that, you can just slide the top of the pole down so it stands firmly on place.

9. GIGALUMI 12 Pcs Solar Deck Lights

Our rating: 7 / 10

GIGALUMI 12 Pcs Solar Deck Lights

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  • Waterproof solar lights chose by National Geographic for its unique design
  • Affordable pricing
  • Compact size and lightweight, so you can move it or hang it pretty much anywhere
  • Doesn’t require wiring
  • Will match many different style designs
  • Plenty of positive customer reviews


  • Can’t leave the lights in solar mode unattended, which means you have to manually turn them on. Especially annoying at night when you’re in bed and don’t want to get out of bed to turn them off
  • Lightbulb may burn out

The GIGALUMI solar step lights were chosen by National Geographic for their unique design. They are small, but they still have a classy design that will look great just about anywhere. They are simple to use. Just remove the solar panel from the base and place it in indirect sunlight for a couple of hours. As soon as they are done charging, the lights should turn on automatically.

The base of the light is waterproof, and they also have an added feature to make them bite resistant, so they are perfect for areas near your house that dogs might have access to. They are also hassle free, because they don’t require any wiring, which means you can place them anywhere.

10. Solar Step Lights Outdoor

Our rating: 4 / 10

Solar Step Lights Outdoor

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I’m looking for the best solar step lights in 2020. Most product on the market were not perfect for us. These solar step lights are good for our daily life.

This solar step lights perfect balance of function and style. The leds provides a nice warm light for safe walking. They are also lightweight, water resistant and easy to mount to stairs, deck or any stair railing.

8 Pack of Amei’s solar step lights, which perfect for us to fencing, steps or deck steps. It will light up your way for you to take a safe trip at night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most powerful solar light?

A good source of light should be high on the list of priorities for anyone in the market for solar lights, and there are a wide range of light capacities available. For instance, you can choose between a light that is bright enough to easily illuminate your path, or a less powerful light that can create a subtle ambient glow.

When choosing a solar light, it's important to choose a light that has enough power to illuminate your intended destination. After all, the point of solar lights is to reduce the need for other sources of lighting such as candles and kerosene lamps that can easily start fires. A powerful solar light will greatly reduce the risk of fire, while still providing adequate illumination.

The only downsides to a powerful solar light are that it uses up battery power more quickly and it reduces the lifespan of the batteries. For the most part, it's a fair tradeoff if you're planning to use the light on a porch, balcony or in your garden.

What are the best solar powered decking lights?

We have reviewed the following solar landscape lighting solutions that we think are the best in their class:

SolarGlow lights: work with any type of flat surface for corner installations, are weather resistant, and have a 90-day money back guarantee.

SolarWedge: provide lighting for pathways and outdoor spaces, and pass free of charge professional tests for durability and traction.

Luminate: are inexpensive, easy to install, and provide light in a 360-degree radius.

EarthTec: users like that they don't need to run cables, and can simply place them on the ground.

HOIWEI: require no batteries or cords, and are great for urban areas where you can't easily bury cables.

Pureled: are a very cheap, water resistant solution for lighting patios and other spaces.

What's the best solar lights to buy?

The solar light you choose will depend entirely on its intended use.

We have reviewed them all below and selected the best options for each category.

For your convenience, we have separated them into categories by price range.

In this list you will find LED solar flood lights, solar path lights, outdoor solar lights, solar lanterns, solar landscape lights, solar wall lights and solar post lights.

Don't forget to view our buyer's guide below.

What are the best landscape solar lights?

Landscape solar lights appear to be a great solution for those who follow the three Rs of sustainable living: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The environmental credentials of solar landscape lights are hardly debating. However, they are not a cheap plug-and-play solution.

Landscape lighting, solar or not, is a specialty category for any electrician. In general, you don't want to be an electrician, but it is helpful to know that outdoor lighting, either wired or wireless, is different from indoor lighting. Above all, it is important to choose your outdoor landscape lighting with a plan, since you won't be able to change the fixture as you would an indoor one.


If you walk under a brightly lit street lamp in the evening, it’s no wonder that you’re thinking “it would be great if I could have something like that at home to light my way toward the front door or the back terrace.” And guess what? You can. Even better, you can have a solar light that will not have a huge impact on your electricity bill since it runs on free solar energy.

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Davinci Solar Outdoor LightsBudget PickDavinci Solar Outdoor Lights
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