10 Reasons To Install Solar Panels & Why You Should Go Solar

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Economize on Electricity Bills

One of the most obvious benefits of going solar is the long-term effect it has upon your electricity bills. By using the sun to heat your water, and by using the sun to generate your electricity, you will directly lower your monthly power bills. This is something that will have an immediate effect on your energy consumption, so it is understandable why so many people are getting on board the solar energy train.

Contribute to a Cleaner Environment

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2030, air pollution will claim approximately 3 million lives per year. That is more than half of all fatalities from infectious diseases, which are projected to drop to 2.5 million by 2030.

Our solar panels provide many benefits to the environment. The emissions from the power plants we avoid through solar energy is far less than the ones from coal fired power plants that your utility company is using. Our coal powered electrical plants are reducing the overall quality of our air. They release more pollutants that those coal plants and has been associated with high rates of respiratory illnesses.

Solar panels are carbon neutral. Carbon neutral means that the solar panels have the ability to offset the amount of carbon dioxide your energy consumption would create.

Solar panels do not release any harmful gases such as sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Solar panels are healthy for you and decrease the threat of respiratory illnesses.

Solar energy is a renewable resource. The sun is not going away any time soon.

You Have a Plan B During a Power Outage

Sometimes, the power goes out for a while, and yes we have Murphy’s Law to blame. It’s after all a common thing and a fact of life.

Having a backup power source in times like these can get you through the night and all the way to morning, depending on what you use it for.

And if you ever decide to go off the grid and live a life of sustainable energy, solar panels will definitely help you out, especially if you live in a remote area.

Sell Extra Electricity Produced By Your Solar Panels

While government subsidies can help, in some areas, to cover the costs of solar energy, you won’t have to worry about it if you are an off-grid homeowner.

If you off-grid, you get to fully enjoy the benefits of going solar. Not only do you get to do your part to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint, but you also get to experience the following benefits:

  • Better Health
  • Save Money
  • Balance Your Budget
  • Be Able To Live Off-Grid
  • Low Maintenance
  • Be Prepared For Natural Disasters
  • Pay Your Utility Bills Later
  • Consume Energy More Consciously
  • Reap The Benefits Of Solar For Decades

Solar Power is the Future

While solar power has largely been limited to off-grid use, a recent movement in solar panel installations seeks to eliminate a consumer’s electrical bill, allowing them to use solar power to power both their home and their car. One California company has developed a hybrid solar panel system that automatically charges an electric car parked in the "sunshine." 1

In March 2007, the 100,000th solar installation was completed in Florida. California had the most with over 34,000 solar systems installed in 2007.2 New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Pennsylvania were also very popular states for residential solar panel installations. 3

The solar panel industry is on the rise. As of February 2008, the industry had grown by over 18% since 2006. Solar power was increasing each year, even through the tough economic times of 2008.4

If you are looking for a sure investment with a positive return, investing in renewable energy through solar power is a great option.

Solar power is the future. It’s a commitment from the consumer that will push us to be more efficient in our energy production. Going solar relates directly to our nation’s effort to cut down on importing oil.

Help Create Jobs

Installations of solar energy systems result in the creation of local installation jobs. Unlike fossil fuel which can be extracted from anywhere in the world creating jobs for the country where the resource is located. Solar technology is local to your area and creates jobs for local installation crews and designers.

Keep Your Dollars in Your Community

Instead of sending your tax dollars out of the country to countries like Saudi Arabia that aren’t very friendly to the enviornment, send your money where it belongs with solar panels.

Offset Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The by-product of fossil fuel burning is the phenomenon of greenhouse gases contributing to global warming. The EPA estimates that small changes can result in big drops in human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.

Easy to Install

Solar Panel systems are far easier to install than other green energy systems. There is no equipment to hook up or trenching through your yard. You install solar panels on top of your roof or the surface of your property… and you are “done.” The panels just require minimal surface area to capture the power of the sun and turn it into electricity.


Solar technology is versatile and can be configured in a variety of ways. You can install the panel on your roof, on the surface of your land, or even on your boat.

Increase Your Property Value

A home with solar panels attached to the roof is worth more than its counterparts. Solar panels drive the value of the home, because of its uniqueness in the market. Resale value of other homes may not be driven by solar panels, but selling the home as is can generate interest.

You Will Be Able to Afford Expensive Home Appliances

You will be able to afford fancy new gadgets and that cool, stainless steel refrigerator you have been wanting with the installation of solar panels. It will work with your electric budget so instead of feeling like you can’t afford it, you will finally have that chance to purchase all the things you have been wanting. So add some extra cash to your solar panel purchase and get those appliances that you have always wanted.

Durable & Reliable

When it comes to solar panels, you really get what you pay for. Lower grade panels will often have a really small Wattage for the money. The problem with this is it will take forever to save you more than you spend on the solar panels.

Sunnova is one of the largest solar power companies in North America. They have some of the most affordable panels available. Sunnova also offers one of the best warranty packages in the industry which really speaks to the overall quality.

If you are going solar, you will be more than happy with the Sunnova investment.

You Will Become More Educated About a Trending Technology

Solar energy seems to be getting more popular. More and more people are investing in solar panels. Putting solar panels on your roof is a unique way to publicize your new interest in green living and the benefits of solar power.

It's an easy way to make your home more appealing to visitors.

If you decide to have your energy provider purchase the panels, your monthly bill will go down.

The panels are very easy to maintain, which is a good thing for people who are very busy with work and/or family commitments.

You're also able to contribute to the environment in an extremely positive way.

For elderly homeowners, it can be a great way to retain their independence. Solar panels provide a secure source of energy during a power outage. This is a great safety bonus. In fact, a surprising number of people who purchase solar panels tend to do so because they're looking for a backup power source.

Natural gas prices have been skyrocketing in recent years. Installing solar panels can help homeowners save a ton of money on gas bills.

While the upfront costs associated with the purchase and installation of solar panels can be high, most homeowners don't have to pay for them up front. The Federal government has incentives to help homeowners who install solar panels. This can provide a much needed safety net for many homeowners.

Final Thoughts

Green living and solar power are more accessible than many people think. It is not something reserved for only wealthy people living in a pristine country setting. If you care enough to invest in renewable energy and the preservation of our planet for yourself and future generations you can make it happen.

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to go green in your home is to install solar panels. Aside from the great return on investment, solar panels provide clean and renewable energy and will definitely help the environment. Not to mention it will put some extra cash in your pocket each month.

If you’re not sure about solar panels, or want more information on them and other green energy options, check out the guides below for additional information and to do your own research.

Here’s to saying goodbye to your utility company.